NYC Launch

July 6th, 2019

Dear friends and family,

It’s only appropriate that a couple of days after our nation’s Independence Day, we embark on our own Great American Road Trip in a battery electric vehicle (EV). An EV gets all its energy from its battery pack. This means zero gasoline consumed and zero tailpipe emissions.

Estimated at 7,000 miles, our route starts from New York City, crosses the midwest, then runs north along the Rocky Mountains, returning home through Canada.

What made us decide to make such a trip?

By undertaking this journey, we join thousands of other Americans ushering in a new era of independence with their electric vehicles; sharing their experiences as they explore the country’s cities, towns, scenic roads, and majestic landscapes.

But most importantly, each EV road trip manifests the age of renewable energy and carbon-balanced economic growth.

To further this movement, we pledge to invest a portion of our savings in carbon-balanced projects that create American jobs.

You might be wondering:

  • How is a road trip in an EV even possible?
  • Will we be stranded with no place to charge a depleted battery pack?
  • Won’t we waste a lot of time repeatedly recharging?
  • Does an EV really make a difference in carbon balancing the economy?

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Deepa, Nikash, Will